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 Raffles Millennium International (RMI) is a Joint Venture between "Raffles Education Corp limited" in Singapore and "Educomp Solutions Limited" in India. Both these entities are publicly listed companies with an excellent track record in education. RMI happens to be one of the best colleges in India as far as education in DESIGN is concerned. 

Design is everywhere, it's not only in your favorite dress or pair of trainers but also in smarter phones, music gadgets, diamond rings, airports even simple creative piece of furniture etc… Design is everywhere. Likewise the Design begins here at RMI-Hyderabad, one of the top colleges in India, which nurtures the student's creative bud, colour their aspirations, Shape their dreams, outline their vision & finally forms a strong foundation for student's future in design through industry experienced full time international faculty and international degree.

Raffles with a network of 30 colleges present in 12 countries namely Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Saudi Arabia... facilitates students Inter college transfer of credits to any of these locations.

A comprehensive industry relevant curriculum with "hands-on" and practical exposure, students at RMI platform learn "life skills" thereby enhancing their entrepreneurship ability.

RMI has recently been listed as the top college in India in Fashion Design category by one of the leading Fashion blogs in US.

RMI, one of the best colleges in India offers 2 years Advanced Diploma programmes in Design which include Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Product Design, Jewellery Design and Multimedia Design.


Fashion Design
Design future fashion, inspire the generation
•Contemporary Fashion, Styles and Trends
•Fashion Communication
•Fashion Merchandising
•CAD 1 for Fashion Design
•Fashion Drawing
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Interior Design
Learn to bring in Aesthetic life to Spaces
•Interior Design Principles and Theory
•Free-Hand Drawing
•Architectural Drafting
•Interior Colour Application
•Cultural Studies
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Visual Communication
Become a specialist in printed and interactive media
•Packaging Design
•Publication Design
•Advertising Design
•Advanced Layout and Production
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Multimedia Design
Create a virtual world through your creative imagination
•Advanced Diploma
•3D Techniques
•Interactive Media Design
•Creativity & Problem Solving
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Jewellery Design
Enhance the creative spark of your imagination
•Contemporary Jewellery Design
•Cultural Studies
•Observational Drawing Skills
•Colour Analysis in 3D design
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Fashion Marketing & Management
Enhance the creative spark of your imagination
•Colour Theory for Fashion
•Garment and Composition
•History of Costumes
•Contemporary History of Fashion
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